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TheIrishLass - What's Our Safe Word?

Posted by: TheIrishLass

Jan 20, 2024

How about a little bondage to start the new year off? It had been a full year since I'd been able to hook up with my bf, Eitan! As timing would have it, it was Halloween weekend that we finally got back together. So we decided to plan on something new and different.I ordered this whole getup: Leather Cincher, Cfm Boots, Nipple Clamps, Fetish Mask, Cuffs & Whip for the theme. We chose an attic for the setting.Eerie music for the background and converted the vid to BW to enhance the mood. If you know me well enough, you probably know I am far from being a natural dom.Eitan had never been tied up and teased & tortured in such a way either. I'm very impressed with the angles my hubby, Cowan was able to capture while he documented our naughty session of reconnecting. It was a steamy bit of fun that I hope you enjoy as well! Can't wait to read all of your comments, @The_Irish_Lass ♥

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  • Well Bree, you know that I can't lie to you, so yeah, I always have to type one handed when I watch this award-winning video.
  • Yellowjacket - I didn't say to stop stroking . . . so I just want to make sure you are still typing 1 handed, correct
  • Bree, this is one of those videos that will not only drive a guy crazy but cause their arm to damn near fall off as well.
  • Bisonman - Hey there stranger, good to see you stopping by! I get the feeling this is a fantasy of yours. Have you experienced a similar pleasure?
  • So intense! The re must have been static electric sparks with every touch, stroke and contact.
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