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Posted by:  TheIrishLass

Jan 20, 2024

How about a little bondage to start the new year off? It had been a full year since I'd been able to hook up with my bf, Eitan! As

timing would have it, it was Halloween weekend that we finally got back

together. So we decided to plan on something new and different.I

ordered this whole getup: Leather Cincher, Cfm Boots, Nipple Clamps,

Fetish Mask, Cuffs & Whip for the theme. We chose an attic for the

setting.Eerie music for the background and converted the vid to BW

to enhance the mood. If you know me well enough, you probably know I am

far from being a natural dom.Eitan had never been tied up and teased

& tortured in such a way either. I'm very impressed with the angles

my hubby, Cowan was able to capture while he documented our naughty

session of reconnecting. It was a steamy bit of fun that I hope you

enjoy as well! Can't wait to read all of your comments, @The_Irish_Lass ♥

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  • kiley123 - I'm so happy you enjoyed my fun! Love your enthusiastic support on d's Pussy Dripping request too
  • droverx - Thanks so much! Yeah, that's on the To Do list
  • Alsfo - Sm00ches all over your sweetness
  • droverx, you are soo right. I'd LOVE to see his cum dripping out of her pussy. I'd be stroking my cock and cumming in no time. OH YEA!
  • FANTASTIC! So sensual, so HOT!!
  • Love your videos so sexy would enjoy seeing his cum dripping out of your beautiful pussy  Thanks for posting!
  • The ultimate fucking sucking machine!!!! Very sexy and excellent video detail, you almost feel it is LIVE!!
  • Whoohoo!!! Out of 172 total HomeClips contributions for the month of January we placed 2nd! We knew we were taking a risk with a B/W conversion and somewhat out-there theme but it sure was worth it. Thank you ALL for continuing to support our naughty adventures. Thanks to those who just happened to discover me recently. And thank you to those bts of this playground for giving us the opportunity to share our passions with an audience who can appreciate our perverted creativity & intimate creations together! We wouldn't still be here if each and everyone of you didn't keep cumming back & taking the time to show us that you care! Until our next contribution . . . I hope you'll be sure to stop by my personal thread at Sam's Place on the RC EXBB forums
  • BigSwede - Thanks so very much
  • Bloodshot - Sure do appreciate your concern & support
  • This is wonderful.
  • Somebody, somewhere, is cheating on the vote counting, Kind of like Trump thinks happened to him.
  • Without a doubt, you've got the best clip submitted this month.
  • You're getting screwed on this web site far more than the screwing you got in your clip.
  • blankemon - Sm00ches all over your naughty kindness