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Sex in the Kitchen

Posted by: TheIrishLass

Dec 21, 2022

As many of you know via my thread at Sam's Place on the RC EXBB, I originally uploaded this video especially for last month's Special HC Theme: Fucked Doggystyle in Stockings & Heels. Unfortunately, it didn't make the cut to be posted on time so I pulled it as it doesn't quite fit this month's "Getting Fucked / Eaten by Santa or his Elf" theme. However, with more consideration to the sorrows it brought to my favorite RCBB buddies who were looking forward to seeing said video I thought why not spread a little joy! Whether I'm wearing Xmas stockings or not, whether it's Santa's helper or my Bf Eitan who's fucking me . . . we're still having ourselves a jolly good time. Tis the season to enjoy giving & receiving! So here's my special holiday gift to you all! Pull out your yule logs, fill up your fireboxes & lets be merry together! This is another steamy romp I had with my bf Eitan (during our getaway we shared a few weeks back) while hubby Cowan is running cams. Hope you enjoy his hot explosion as much as I did at the end or rather all over my end, hee-he-hee! See you again soon, @The_Irish_Lass

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All Comments (229)
  • Lumbar - Mmm, can never get too much of my bf, Eitan's sexy cock
  • Cum is served!! Great video,  you Deep Throat that Big Shaved Cock with no effort ! Nice!!
  • Francoisstp - Oh my!!! Thrilled that you think our bodies compliment each other so well
  • I want to eat both of those beautiful asses! Good God you are beautiful people!
  • Cuby2kxx - Sm00ches all over your kindness ☻
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