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Size Queen Gets A Little Luv Part 2

Posted by: peepeyesho

Apr 4, 2019

2nd half of my fun time with this sexy milf.  Think most will agree,  She's a Great cock sucker. Her physique sometimes made me feel  inadequate for her, and If I was she was a great sport to make me feel desired for.  Her and I shared some good times.  The different cameras used really shows just how it can either  add weight or make things look even smaller than actual. If I only knew the exact specifications of the camera lens that made "it" look more presentable I would use that one all the time. Any members here in photography with this knowledge, Please share your experience to what type of focal lens would be good to use for my needs to add girth. Fish eye lens?   Anyways.. Sorry, still no money shot  shown in part 2, but that will cum in the near future. She wouldn't take no for an answer. She told me she needs it like she needs her vegetables. Just trying to find the dvd its on and will be submitting. Hopefully it will be approved.  Till then, I hope the members here can find some enjoyment and be aroused with this contribution.

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All Comments (30)
  • harley_cruzen,   size queen, not queen size.  refers to a girl who searches out guys with big dicks. Or has had really big dicks and anything else is not adequate cause her pussy has been stretched out from big dicks. Then they in turn get some what of an attitude towards men without a big dick. She is a big boned woman as well. But as i have mentioned, I love all woman of different shapes and sizes. But I know better to not set myself up for failure and I generally go for the petite girls. But this one here made the first move and I did my best to have a good time with her. . I think she enjoyed the times we shared but ultimately we had different preferences. .that being said,   She would be the first to admit she is a size queen. but also, that I was one of the few if not the only man that she felt the urge to come play with more than once who isnt hung like a horse.. several dozen times at least but whos counting right?  and as far as passing her your email?.. well, I only play match maker with personal friends not random people on internet.  But if she wants I have no issues with it. She reads these too. and actually made a new vid with her cause she got so horny reading the nice comments.  who knows..u may get lucky with her contacting you. have at it. 
  • I am confused at what you describe as "Queen" size. That hot lady is not a Queen size. She has killer tits. They are great swingers and hangers. I would like to see her pussy. She is a great cock sucker. Give her my email. Harley.cruzen@gmail.com
  • wow quality is better , i mean the video, and you are such a gr8 cock sucker.... more soon....
  • Dirk Diggler,  LOL.. and from the looks of your avatar pic , you are what makes a woman a size queen to begin with. Ofcourse you like them. heck, you need them. Otherwise you may just hear "ouch it hurts " or 'Stop stop, I need a break. its too big"   Thats good and bad .. I for one would love to hear "it's too big"  but then again.. i never need to stop the fun either. 
  • Dirk Diggler,   the blind fold is for their own comfort. it helps them relax and not worry about how their body looks on camera. otherwise alot of woman keep tripping on how their body looks when they see themselves on the tv and it breaks the moment and sometimes the momentum of the mood shifts to their insecurities and then in turn they hold back their sexual prowess. Sometimes i wish i was blindfolded to illiminate my own insecurities. . after awhile there are no more need for blindfolds. this is just until they feel comfortable with seeing themselves or being with me. 
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