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Giving A Size Queen A Little Luv

Posted by: peepeyesho

Apr 1, 2019

Not the type of woman I'm usually attracted to. Partly cause I would feel somewhat dwarfed next to so much woman. Don't get me wrong, i love all woman and find all shapes and sizes arousing and attractive. But to pursue an amazonian type instead of my usual petite type girl would be out of my character and maybe even my league.  That being said, this Milf here did the leg work, and told me she had her eye on me for awhile. (friend of a friend - running in same circle of friends) we eventually hooked up. This is the 1st part of my 1st attempt of pleasing a woman who is most likely used to more than what I had to offer. She wanted me so who am I to say no to such an eager beaver and orally skilled milf right? Still not the best quality picture, I know. But I think its cum worthy to see. With multiple camera angles and camera types really show just how a lens can add more or less to one's figure. Sometimes Dittle Licky looked presentable.. other times the name fits as described.  Lol! Whether big or small.  A little luv goes a long way.  Part 1 of 2 ..

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All Comments (26)
  • don45xx, ..just wait until I show the next wonderful girlfriend.. if you all havent seen her great set of tits over on redclouds tit flash you all will soon see her very capable oral skills. Which girl will it be?  stay tuned to find out
  • Damon dude u find a girl that sucks cock like that and she ain't your type
  • That is so damn hot. Gets me off every time.
  • socalman, for sure. part 2 is mostly showcasing her oral skills and prt3 is all about the oral skills. stay tuned for more of what you like.
  • Great, the real star of the clip is her giving the AWESOME BJ in the last two minutes...
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