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Sexy Fun Latina Girl Dittle Licky

Posted by: peepeyesho

Mar 19, 2019

For your peeping eye pleasures, from yours truly peepeyesho aka "dittle licky." I give you this to get the blood flowing. This is a friend who was cheating on her man.  The type of guy who doesn't know how to stay out of jail ..  Dunno why some woman get stuck or prefer to be with those types, but I'm glad I get to play with this fun friend whenever he gets locked up.  This is a short clip taken out from a longer session.. Notice, at the end when she turns around. That's when she realizes I have her on the tv behind her, as she is sucking me with the angle we are seeing her on in this vid. And after she knows shes on camera.. she really starts playing for the camera and turns up the heat blowing me. I will be posting those soon. so this is before she knew.. candid cock sucking if u will.. 

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All Comments (31)
  • Beautiful , sexy girl . More please ...!!!
  • WOW Cock sucking Super Girl. Wish she was Sucking My Nice Shaved Circumsised Cock. Terrific More videos ASAP
  • kfish013,  some pussy pics are coming and in a grainy dark vid she will be seen.. .. sorry.. its what I had and didnt know i was gonna show it to the world.. once i get this older stuff out i will post the newer better picture stuff. 
  • Esman,  well unfortunate, depending on how one feels . I am a hard trigger to pull. A difficult nut to crack. My problem is i love it so much I never want it to end.. often it gets me in trouble and she feels like she did something wrong .. I aim to please and often forget that it pleases woman to make a man cum. So when i do happen to find a girl who can find my trigger and make be pop. Its very sacred and often im not holding a camera cause i need to focus . Too much porn can do that to ya.. but I almost showed the moneyshot in the next vid. .almost.. if you can guess when i may post a cumshot. 
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