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DittleLicky P.O.V Humdinger

Posted by: peepeyesho

Mar 13, 2019

I'm like the training wheels for learning how to ride a bike but for females who didn't ever suck dick. After some time with my very user friendly 'one size fits any mouth' comfortably. Plus some words of encouragement and other methods I use to get the natural born inner cocksucking stars to emerge from these once BJ shy sweet heartbreakers.  As you can see here. She really can suck a mean dick.  Wasn't always the case though. I like to think I did the world a good deed. After we broke up,  I released a well conditioned cocksucking girl. And she must have used her newly learned love for fellatio on other men. Sure she had to adjust for the larger sizes out there,  no doubt. But her love for sucking began here with me.  and I know there will always be a special place in her mouth for me. So Hope you all enjoy this Luv hate luv relationship homevid of my most missed ex girlfriend.  I will always love 'my bebes".  Wouldn't you? What a HummmDinger!

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All Comments (27)
  • Great video ! 
  • So Cal Admirer, thanks , its my pleasure to share.  Good to hear nice things. 
  • You have sexy ladies... thanks for sharing! 
  • i wanna see i wanna see! 
  • Sonoma, LMAO !  She still needed to finish the under ball-sack graduate course. Taint licking 1 0 1.  
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