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Number Two Cum Shot

Posted by: austcple

May 3, 2018

Ok so this is the best cum video, hope you enjoy it. Again I was not there so I did not take them and No she does not fuck them but you will see he does finger her pussy. Sorry you can't see it very well. But if we get good comments I may post one of me fucking her after these ones. VOTES guys come on! Negative remarks will just be removed as not needed. Takes lots for the girls to want to post and when negative comments are left it makes them feel like not posting again so be nice guys its not hard..

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  • The B AM, then come to Bali in the first week in August and meet up with us there we are looking for a guy to fuck her with me and make some fucking videos and her pussy full of cum hehe 
  • Um, I'd gladly have her suck the cum out of me just like that but it may choke her.
  • usbdas, lmao if you read the header you would see I was not there and did not do video lol but yes as she send by phone she made them short see is and how we go next time 
  • Next time do longer vid.  Great job.
  • Always love seeing a pretty lady with cum on her mouth and tongue. Just wish the vid was a little longer.
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