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Bree - Another Night With Eitan

Posted by: Bree O'Claire

Dec 22, 2017

Many of you have been strongly encouraging & patiently awaiting a new HC submission from us for some time now. So, after quite a bit of experimenting & teasing with short clips & gifs via RCBB ... here you go! It had been 3 months since my last rendezvous with Eitan. I had such a naughty good time teasing Cowan behind the lens and warming up with my little silver bullet while I waited for him to arrive. Once I set eyes on him I couldn't wait to feel him deep inside of me again! Kissing those sweet lips, tasting that fine cock and wrapping my legs around his hot body ... I'm getting a little steamy just thinking about it all now! My only regret is taking off my "Sperm Specs" too soon as Cowan did quite a number on my eyes as he unloaded, lol. Of course, getting a Double Facial from my 2 favorite men was definitely worth the red eyes & lashes full of cream that came afterwards, hee-he-hee! Hope you all enjoy! And please feel free to share what other things you might like to see in future bits of our sexy fun together. @BreeOClaire P.S. We apologize for the low quality of the vid. We were filming just for our own pleasure, but once we saw the outcum, how could we not share it ;o)

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  • Looks like your run-of-the-mill porn film to me. There's nothing genuinely spontaneous about this video, but rather its all posed for effect. Sorry! Not my cup of tea.
  • Big Pilk, Aww...I'm blushing all over! I hope it's sooner than 3-6 months ... but we'll just have to see how the stars align ;-)
  • Your like a Siberian White Tiger.  Very rarely seen... However when seen, it's the most breathtaking thing in the world to witness. So beautiful, so elegant, so perfect in soooo many ways. The way you have master sucking a cock. They way you take a cock.  The way you love facials. And breathtaking flawless natural beauty you possess. I can go on and on.... Thank you for another amazing contribution as always. Extremely looking forward to the next contribution in about 3-6 months Lol... Love, your BIG fan; Big Pilk... 
  • pmatthew1, Aww, thanks ;-)
  • thewests, That means a lot coming from you ;-)
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