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RC Shares In Sexy Girl Fun While Hubbies Watch

Posted by: LasVegasCouple

Aug 31, 2016

A sexy couple joins in for some girl on girl fun for RC, while husbands watch with pleasure. The girls know just what pleases each other, and cum multiple times. Not to worry, no one has been left out!

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All Comments (106)
  • Hot as hot can get! They both look and sound so sexy! 
  • Also want to mention how much I like the teamwork at the end, one working the vibrator, while the other massages that beautiful, big, clit!  VERY NICE!  
  • HOLY SHIT!  I wish I could give this a billion stars!  This is the absolute HOTTEST video I have ever seen!  The blonde girl sure knows how to work those vibrators, and, OMG, how that brunette can suck a clit!  I am a straight female, but, I would jump at the chance to have the 2 of you work me over!  And, very pretty clits on both of you, BTW!  I wouldn't mind doing a little work on those myself!   I was vibrating my clit, along with you, and, almost came! I even had to pause, and, get a glass of wine to keep from cumming! I fought hard to hold back, because, my clit is so hard and swollen, right now, and, I just like to tease it for as long as I can, just enjoying that AWESOME GOOD FEELING, before I let go of the BIG O! Thanks!  PLEASE POST MORE!  
  • the men should STFU.  They ruin the ambience and probably  some wonderful orgasms
  • Ahh, that elusive orgasm. I like watching gals to maybe learn more techniques
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