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Hot And Juicy

Posted by: Paige

May 23, 2015

Paige doesn't really get into the anal penetration that often but on this occasion she got completely wild and filled her ass with a vibrator and at the same time filling her hot juicy pussy with a large cucumber. It is almost torture having to sit back and watch her all the while stroking my dick as my balls filled with hot cum. She still prefers a hot dick over the toys so when we couldn't stand it anymore she removed the toy and opened her pussy up for a good hard fucking. I tried to ram it to the bottom as hard as I could with her moaning and screaming for me to come and when I did it was like it would never quit pumping hot juicy cum into her open cunt which felt like it was on fire. As I pulled out a huge amount of my cum and her pussy juicy oozed out run down her excited asshole as she was completely satisfied and spent. Hope you enjoy. TEX

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All Comments (31)
  • A lovely juicy cunt.
  • I'm thinking of converting to vegan. Can you send me your used vegies? I misplaced my pic of you doing 9 carrotts, slid in one at a time. I heard you were down here for kumquat Fest, but due to crop failure, inserted a big grapefruit instead. You'd make a great mule, hiding five bags of coke up in that kangaroo twat!
  • Would so like to masturbate with you !
  • Intense!!
  • That was awesome!
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