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Posted by:  Cobalt

Mar 16, 2024

Loved playing with my new Dildo...all led to Anal!

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  • still the BEST after all these years and still the best tits ever
  • Wow - very hot
  • Who wants to crazy fuck?
  • Excellent
  • SUPER hot!!!!
  • I wish that was me all up in her fine ass!!!
  • What a sexy bit of fun you 2 have together! Love all the variety you have jam packed into this session! As you converse throughout . . . teasing each other as you play, as his cock twitches when eating you out & playing with your perky breasts, as you enjoy a great anal fuck to climax! What a thrill to see a couple having so much sexy fun together. Well done ;-)
  • never disappointing !!!
  • AS usual, sexy and amazing!!
  • Usually, those who talk a lot do not act much, but not this time ! Spectacular ! Many thanks for sharing.
  • Incredible! So hot!
  • You are such a hot cpl, love to see you having sex! Made my nuts burst!!! Wow!
  • do it in front of a window please
  • Facesitting is fab.
  • Face sitting is awesom