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Posted by:  RugRollers

Jan 22, 2024

This was our final clip here under the old regime and since it was barely up for a week before the meltdown we thought we'd take it out for another spin. This version has higher video and editing quality and an additional orgasm, making five between the two of us. Please watch with love in your hearts and in your groins, like the love that was in ours. Go slow. Watch till the end, till you've seen the delight on her face after finally getting the eruption of sweet sticky love she'd been so vigorously anticipating.

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  • You two are great.
  • Excellent ...
  • My God you are incredible!
  • You are so delightful to watch.
  • Great looking couple keeping it real. I look forward to your next post.
  • Wow
  • Wow, Thanks  for sharing this truly erotic, sexy and classy video. Please share more of your sexual escapades !
  • So nice to have you back!
  • I watched all your clips back then,,,they were excellent. Still have some I downloaded. How about some new ones
  • Had a chance to get TOTAL enjoyment again tonight, honey your exquisite body is rock solid PERFECT!!! Wish it was time for you to wax your awesome little pussy is the only way to exceed total bliss for us viewers!!! Keep the joy coming!!!!
  • Wow, can’t wait for next post!
  • You two are so sexy and make my dick so hard it throbs just watching you wanting to be there!!! Wish you the best voted superior as that was as high as I could cannot wait for the next one!!!!
  • You two always satisfy.
  • Spectacular. Hot sex and romantic.
  • Love your romantic lovemaking! You two are the best - glad you are back