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Posted by:  RugRollers

Jan 15, 2024

An extended erotic prelude for those who

enjoy something romantic, a festival of tongues and a slow tease to warm up a

lonely evening or inspire your own festivities of love. To be continued, if there seems to be an appetite, so don't stint on your juicy comments or the 5-star votes

that keep us afloat, since the 1-voting trolls seem determined to tank our

score (we don't know why, but we've started hunting them down so maybe we'll find

out). Leave an email in your comment if you'd like to know next time we post or

how to help us hunt for trolls or where to find our collection of erotic gifs.

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  • WOW! extremely sexy video. I guess I saw this too late to vote but it is definitely superior. Love the kissing.
  • Love the show very sexy video
  • AWESOME as always wish I was there to view in person!!! Superior vote !!!!
  • Like the panty play. Sexy.
  • Love it
  • Excellent
  • The most sensual, arousing video ever on ; Bravo, Bravo, Bravissimo!
  • Very sexy! The Mrs has a smoking hot body! I love her tits with the awesome nipples! Love to see a LOT more of you two. fordman @ flash. net
  • i have waited until you came you
  • very very hot
  • Superb as always!!  Much more please.
  • With all those chairs, you two need a live audience
  • so cute little cotton panties made me rock hard
  • Looking forward to hearing from you. Naughtypleasure4u at yahoo
  • hkyplr16, I can only see half of your email address -- you have to work around their filter