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Posted by:  Crystal

Nov 17, 2023

Stunning Crystal, tied up and spanked with a slipper .... she loves it

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  • Such a Fine Ass ... thanks for sharing!
  • she is a delicious woman but deserves the smile to be wiped from her face. Turn up the intensity for her sake and give her what she craves.
  • very hot
  • I really hope there is a Part 2 ....!!
  • Pretty lady, no way would you do that to my wife!
  • All she needs yet is my cock down her throat
  • Perfect time to find out if she's into anal.
  • That is one hot chick!
  • almost disappointed that her ass didn't get more red. love it. like to see more, next time something a little heavier
  • fuck spanking her that asshole is wide open to get balls deep in it
  • Just squirted on your cheek
  • Love to sniff and lick her asshole.
  • Superb ! Maybe she would like to have welts ??
  • Just speechless--  love it
  • Looking forward to watching your next session.