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Posted by:  TheIrishLass

Sep 14, 2023

If you've been around long enough, you might know that a favorite

past-time of mine has been to visit the RC EXBB Live Video Chat! I used

to regularly hold an "IrishLass & Cock-Tales" chat on Friday

mornings. Though I don't make it in there as often as I wish I could now,

it's always a thrill for me to connect with the RC community. We discuss

the most interesting topics, sharing bts info on past photo shoots

& video clips, just sip our tasty beverages & let it all hang out,

hee-he-hee. The last time I had the opportunity to do a LiveChat with my

RC friends was during a weekend getaway where I also had the pleasure

of introducing my bf Eitan. We decided to treat my fellow RC friends to a

steamy hot session. So as our visit was streaming Cowan was also

recording. Before you know it I was wrapped up in the middle of my 2

favorite men (Mfm/Dp), moaning with pleasure! The ending got really

creamy and I was once again satisfied beyond an honest Milf's desire,

lol. I hope you enjoy this live capture of our fun and to those of you

who were there with us stroking along in real time, I hope you enjoy

busting another nut too, hee-he-hee! Oh, and if you happen to have

captured some screenshots from that day please feel free to Re-post them

to my personal thread at Sam's Place on the RC EXBB. Sm00ches from your

favorite @The_Irish_Lass

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  • Shyprofessional - How very sweet of you! Though I am currently plenty satisfied as you can see . . . I don't mind jotting you down into my little black book of volunteers & stunt doubles. Please DM your resume accordingly. Btw, nice tease going on in that ProPic of yours
  • So F*cking hot! Irish you are absolutely beautiful, classy & sexy! Loved watching you being pleased, where do I sign up?
  • lilsexymilf - Much appreciated
  • H - Seeing that you've cum by makes me so very happy! Thank you
  • super hot!
  • Irish are not enough words to describe how sexually arousing this was! Thanks you!
  • srodd - Hey there, glad you enjoyed it! How many times have you cum
  • Incredibly hot and erotic!
  • outdoorlover59 - Sm00ches all over your kindness
  • OMG is there a better score then superb because this video is the absolute ; You are so beautiful and sexy.
  • mslong - I do my best to give warning (and I did post on my thread at Sam's Place yesterday) though as mentioned above because I can't get in there as regularly as I used to my visits are pretty spontaneous. As for other days of the week that I'm free . . . you can find my info on my twitter feed @The_Irish_Lass
  • scottie1 - Thanks so very much! I always have a good time during my visits with the RC gang and there's never a moment I don't love when I'm in between my 2 favorite cocks! Though I did stop in to visit for a bit on the RC LiveChat yesterday . . . I was not cam worthy, so it was only an audio visit but I did enjoy the company of those who shared in the photo sharing themed game we had going on!
  • Oh my Bree! I have got to start watching your live shows! PLEASE, let us know on your thread when the next show begins! Thoroughly enjoyed stroking to your vid!
  • It’s always so hot to see you enjoying yourself, and even more so with an exciting dp! Hope to catch you live on EXBB and join you in the fun soon.
  • Medea Argo - Hey there, so good to see you stopping by! I missed you on the RC LiveChat today!!! Ok. . .shower play theme has been added to my little black book of naughty requested photo/vid ideas for the future ;-) Honestly, we have attempted it . . . just haven't been happy with the turnout thus far. The steam & angles & there's always excuses, lol. We'll keep working on it