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Posted by:  RugRollers

Aug 25, 2023

Here’s something a little different for you all out

there: sex and romance (and jazz) on a red rug. Greetings to any who might

still remember us from days gone by—please do say hello!

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  • Sex, romance, and jazz! A great combo. You were a favorite of mine in the past. So Sexy. Beautiful pussy. We need more!
  • Remember you both from years ago. Always were one of my fav couples. So classy videos. Hope to see more of you here.
  • soooooo watched it from start to finish!     Please send us more
  • You've always been the classiest couple to grace this site. I feel guilty saying that I'd truly love to see hubby's load dripping from her tongue, though. Or an oozing creampie?...Please come again, soon. I think I have all of your previous artwork. I was delightfully surprised to see both of you, again. Bravo! Encore!
  • Can't believe I missed my chance to give you a VOTE on this extremely steamy & erotic session of foreplay, masturbation & delicious lip-service! So happy I came across your thread on the RCBB so I could get a chance to still view it. You 2 are such a sexy pair of sensual beings! Thanks for sharing your naughty pleasures with us again ♥
  • Sweet Baby Jesus that was sexy ... thanks for sharing!
  • AWESOME, you are so hot
  • Glad UR back!!!
  • So mice to see you and your sexy body again. Thank you!
  • Superb
  • YES I remember. Happy to see you back!!!
  • Oh hooray - I feared we'd lost ; Superbly ; Thanks Ruggers - Wishing many happy returns!
  • Superb!  Welcome back - I've always enjoyed your sensual and oh so hot ; Please post more!  Thought you were gone forever!  Mrs RRR still looks as hot as ever!
  • Good to see you again!!