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Posted by:  Adelais

Aug 21, 2023

If you’ve seen my previous contributions you’ll know I just love an orgasm. My body goes into a trance of passion and ecstasy as I reach my climax. I love the feel of a man’s hard cock deep inside me but I also love it when my lover films me pleasuring myself. Would you like to join me? This video is one of three orgasms I had in ten minutes. I hope you enjoy it too! Xxxx

All Comments (22)
  • That was freaking awesome.
  • You are blessed with a gorgeous, hard, large clit
  • So fucking hot. I would love to drink your pussy juice while you’re squirming all over my face having orgasm after orgasm.
  • So hot to see that dildo buried in your cunt
  • FORDMAN sorry! Auto- correct!
  • Thank you foreman! Sounds wonderful!!  Xx
  • That was an awesome sight seeing you get off! I would love to join you. It would be a treat to suck on your clit and tease it with my tongue as your vibe is buried in your lovely pussy! I would reach up and pinch, twist and tweak your nipples to add to your pleasure. Once you calm down, I will slowly slide my hard cock balls deep in your wet lippy pussy and get you off again! Love to join you if only to film! fordman @ flash. net
  • wow iw ould lick and suck your hot hard clit. do you mind? ciao have fun
  • I wish my tongue were in place of your fingers, licking that fabulous clit !
  • Thank you bick31, gleroy91, Kneel and Saxy! Really appreciate your comments! Glad you like my video.
  • smokin hot
  • delicious
  • WOW, what a show, I love you pussy, thanks for the show and thanks for sharing.
  • Nice clit!