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Posted by:  Tightness

Feb 20, 2019

Well we finally made it!! It took quite a few attempts and a lot of lube but we finally got her where she can take it full force. She's still very tight and always have to use lube but at least my dick doesn't go numb now.

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  • Sweet....more olease!!!!!!
  • Nice 
  • I guess she likes it in the ass.
  • Now do it in the doggy position for better anal penetration
  • Look forward to seeing more of this great stuff!!
  • Kneel, actually it was her idea.... Believe me!! I love pussy!! I don't discriminate I'll fuck all three holes and tits and a few other places on the body that hard for someone like you to imagine
  • You are a lucky man if the ass is your thing. I have a different want and need and it is the good ole pussy, I love pussy. Thanks for sharing 
  • A woman who uses all three holes is a Hat Trick Superb !!!!
  • What's with the fascination with assholes when the restaurant is right next door??  Is it a gay thing??
  • Awesome!!!
  • toefisher, sorry but can't show her face. She's pretty high up at her job and deals with customers and plus she's married to a guy that hasn't fucked her in over 6 years. His lost is definitely my gain!! It's too bad because she has a very beautiful face.
  • Jacksprat64, yes, she loves it. We did it again the next also but the pain didn't hit her until later that night. It's been about 5 days and it still hurts to bad to try again. Good thing is she has two other holes that are quite enjoyable!!
  • dwllewis, you need a lot of lube and patience. Make her feel relaxed, use your finger at first and start gently...
  • Great ass pounding, but maybe she would prefer it more gentle if she is new to this
  • I wish my wife could do that. I did it once she cried so bad I am afraid to try again