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Posted by:  Neighbor and Wife

Mar 30, 2015

The neighbor had call my wife over for some coffee and cream. LOL.... They did it right on the coffee table right before he had to go to work.

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  • I love this girl....she is insatiable
  • wonderful contribution(s)
    Does he get to fuck her whenever he wants? One vid where he's kissing her she seems pretty into him. Does the wife (RC?) do the neighbor without the husband? Neighbor married? sorry for all the questions, just really curious about these three lucky people. nudesailing@yahoo.com
  • Came back to watch the great video again and at 71 years young to enjoy myself like this in the morning with this beautiful young lad I would come out of retirement and go back to work with such a smile on my face.
  • Great Video !!! ... She Fucks Well... Does she Suck Cock ???
  • Not sure how many times I have watched this. I love it when he starts to play with her nipples. You need a neighbor on the other side of you???
  • L7GOMAN, Thanks for the great review and detailed comments. Such a turn on!
  • WOW!! This lady is one beautiful woman!! I envy you, such a beautiful shaved pussy that I know would be good eating and a wonderful fuck as I just enjoyed watching you!! I can tell how great it is since you have a short fuse. More please of you two. Such a lucky man and I wish I could have voted higher than SUPERB!!
  • Broker, first off, we are very sorry for your loss. Your comments were very generous and kind. Yes, she is a great wife, lover, and mother of five. Thanks for the positive feedback.
  • Please plant some seeds real deep inside her for me. I lost my son last year and I would love too have another by her. She looks to be a very loving wife and lover. I'm betting she will also make a good mom
  • All too Short!! Thanks so Much!! Moar Please!!
  • Awesome
  • love those tits
  • Where do you live. Maybe she would come over for lunch. We could eat at the Y
  • good girl!