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Pizza Delivery Boy Dare

Posted by: JamesD

Jul 13, 2017

After her little jaunt through the hotel hallway, then the stairway, Beth was dared to order a pizza, meet the pizza delivery boy at the door nude, and ask him to take photos of her. Two cameras were in the suite on tripods to record video, while her photographer friend hid in the bathroom. The pizza boy was so flummoxed that he could barely control the camera shutter... Beth had never done anything like this before, and her heart was pounding, but she loved it - if others enjoy watching it as much as she did doing it, she wants to do this again, and share the results.

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All Comments (137)
  • Smoking hot video, Beth was really enjoying herself getting naked and spreading her legs for the lucky stranger!!! Please please do this again and share, love it :-) :-) :-)
  • Awesome
  • Dam that was hot I used to be a pizza delivery guy I wish this had happened to me
  • Holy shit. That was smokin hot, best video EVER. Damn she is gorgeous! ShesGot34Ds@aol.com
  • I think i can safely say that is the hottest video I have ever seen on here! She really went for it, spreading her legs for him which takes some real bravery! I couldn't quite catch what he was saying at the end which is a shame because that would have been so horny!
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